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About searching
When you search, you will get a list of links to files, together with a 'rank' for each one. What you are searching for is referred to as the key. The higher the rank, the more times the key appears in the file, relative to the length of the document.
On the website, we have a pdf file for each volume of Sathya Sai Speaks, Summer Shower, and Vahini. We also have a pdf file for each individual discourse and each chapter of a Vahini.
Consider searching for "Mueller". It is found in chapter 23 of volume 20, with rank 55, and this entry appears first in the list of results. Near the end of the list is an entry for the complete volume 20, since "Mueller" appears in it. But the rank is 0 because the ratio of (the number of times "Mueller" appears) to the length of the volume is so small.
Thus, you probably want to look only at the entries for discourses and chapters rather than the entries for volumes. The volumes take longer to download.
Searching for the key
finds documents that contain words like love, loving, loved, etc. --i.e. that have love as the stem. To restrict the search to the exact word "love", put quotes around it --use the key
Searching for
    love AND prema
finds documents that have both keys. Searching for
    love AND NOT prema
finds documents that have key love but not key prema.