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Summer Showers
Sathya Sai Speaks
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Summer Showers
Discourses by Sri Sathya Sai Baba at
summer schools (translated into English)

Summer Showers 1977

Complete volume

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00. Front matter  
01. Opening address    
02. God is beyond description through words    
03. The law of karma is invincible    
04. Lakshmana, the devoted brother of Rama    
05. The all-pervading Atma    
06. Atma and Brahman are identical    
07. All the characters in the Ramayana are ideal examples    
08. Ignorance is the cause of one's sorrow    
09. Sorrow is not natural to man ...    
10. Be good, do good, see good; this is the way to God    
11. No one can separate a real devotee from his Lord    
12. Ravana's proficiency in the Veda was of no avail ...    
13. Talking too much harmds one's memory and strength    
14. "Thath Thwam Asi": Thou art That    
15. The world is an illusory projection of ...    
16. God and dharma should be the two wheels of ...    
17. Start early, drive slowly, and reach safely    
18. Clean food enables one to develop good qualities    
19. As the sweetness of the same in sweets of all ...    
20. Wealth and authority do not give peace of mind    
21. When wisdom dawns, ignorance and illusion disappear    
22. Do not get attached to this world through your desires    
23. Book learning is useless: practical knowledge is useful    
24. Live and work for the good of the community around you    
25. True yoga should enable you to control your mind    
26. Good company enables you to retain your goodness    
27. Do not forget God; do not believe in the world; ...    



Summer Showers


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