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Summer Showers
Sathya Sai Speaks
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Summer Showers
Discourses by Sri Sathya Sai Baba at
summer schools (translated into English)

Summer Showers 1978

Complete volume

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00. Front matter  
01. Opening address    
02. God comes in human form to help men ...    
03. Bhagavatha is a sacred text, which can cater ...    
04. Vyasa and Narada are like man and God    
05. Narada was an immortal spirit    
06. God is not happy unless He gives you occasional sorrow    
07. There is no blemish in God; we see our own faults ...    
08. God's creation around us has a great deal to teach us    
09. Whatever God does, it is always for our own good    
10. Anger destroys one's wealth and prosperity    
11. Love lives by giving and forgiving    
12. All our sorrow is our own creation    
13. Pain and pleasure always go together    
14. Man always becomes good or bad by the company he keeps    
15. God's grace can burn away a mountain of sins    
16. Radha is an inseparable part of Krishna ...    
17. At the time of one's death, it is the body that is discarded    
18. Concentration during meditation can lead to the Lord's vision    
19. Education should promote humility in the educated person    
20. Non-believers have no direct experience of divinity ...    
21. By talking too much, we make the tongue commit four sins    
22. The noblest quality of womanhood is compassion    
23. The Creator and His act of creation go on forever    
24. Krishna was an infinite ocean; gopikas were ...    
25. Service to man must be regarded as service to God    
26. Good health is our greatest wealth    
27. 14/06/78 Religious scriptures have not been written for making money listen dwnld
28. Good health is man's greatest wealth    
29. God is like a kalpa tharu, which can fill all your wants    
30. History and culture of one's motherland are like ones ...    
31. Brahman is Ananda: Anando Brahman    
32. Control of senses is most important for young students    

Summer Showers


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