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The Vahinis, by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(translated into English)

Bhagavatha Vahini

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In the interactive file, Table of contents links and links to glossary work.

Front matter
01. The Bhagavatha
02. The birth of a God-loving person
03. Child Parikshith and the prophecy
04. The penitential sacrifice
05. Sacrifices and penance of elders
06. Vidura’s renunciation
07. Vidura the counsellor
08. Dhritharashtra transformed
09. The ascent of Krishna
10. The Krishna mystery
11. The Pandavas’ grief
12. The Kali age dawns
13. The coronation of Parikshith
14. The exit of the Pandavas
15. The reign of Emperor Parikshith
16. Reverence for Krishna
17. Recalling the bygone days
18. The escape of Takshaka
19. Pandavas —an example for the Kali age
20. Krishna graces Droupad
21. The Durvasa episode
22. Arjuna’s fight with Gods
23. Guardian on the battlefield
24. Parikshith is cursed
25. The sage’s compassion
26. Curse or Godsend
27. Enter Sage Suka
28. The enchanting story: divine incarnations
29. The dialogue begins
30. The Bhagavatha path
31. Doubts and questions
32. Puranas and incarnations
33. Rama Avatar
34. Krishna Avatar
35. Gopala, gopas, and gopis
36. Comrade and king
37. The fate of demons
38. Serpent Kaliya humbled
39. The Omniscient as student
40. From death to immortality
41. The message about Krishna’s advent
42. Consummation in Nanda-Nandana





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