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The Vahinis, by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(translated into English)

Prema Vahini

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Front matter
01. Good character is spiritual power
02. Reshape character by cultivating noble qualities
03. Read life histories of saints and sages
04. Cultivate one-pointedness and equal vision
05. First search and correct faults within yourself
06. Life is a selfless loving sacrifice
07. Thou art That (Thath-twam-asi)
08. Consecrate every act as worship of the Lord
09. Fill every deed with service, devotion, wisdom
10. I and you, we, should become He
11. Shed attachment to worldly pleasures, develop ...
12. Good character, virtue is wisdom
13. Reach God by the path of truth and discrimination
14. Meditate on God as truth and love
15. Eschew selfishness, conceit, and pride
16. Avoid argumentation and exhibition of scholarship
17. Avoid doubters and ignorant people
18. Develop devotion and faith
19. Cultivate love through two methods
20. See the macrocosm in the microcosm
21. Listen, contemplate, and sing God’s name
22. Seek knowledge of the Eternal Truth
23. Don’t neglect the study of Sanskrit and Vedic culture
24. Don’t mistake appearance for reality
25. Understand that the objective world is as unreal as ...
26. The journey of life depends on inborn desires
27. Direct your life to acquire your last moment’s mental tendency
28. Perform good deeds and saturate the mind with God
29. Be engaged in good actions, with God in your thoughts
30. Eternal Religion: the divine mother of humanity
31. Bharath is the home of the Eternal Universal Religion
32. Eternal Vedic religion is the heritage of all mankind
33. Divine personalities predominate in Bharath
34. Awake, arise, and tread the path of love and devotion
35. The Universal Soul is One and Only One
36. Be universal in outlook
37. Incarnations reveal the universal form of the Lord
38. Nondualism teaches the highest knowledge: the unity of all
39. Have firm faith in the unity of Self and Cosmic Lord
40. Start spiritual practise at the earliest moment
41. Seek the vision of the Divine, not death
42. Walk the path of spirituality and liberation
43. Let go the ego in order to reach the goal
44. Pursue the path of good and Godliness
45. Practise single-minded devotion and equanimity
46. Eschew conceit and doubt
47. Be humane, not demonic
48. Develop the characteristics of genuine devotees
49. Surrender completely to the Lord
50. The nine paths of devotion
51. Devotion is of two kinds: effortful devotion and self-surrender
52. The course of life of a forest dweller
53. External and internal disciplines are necessary for ...
54. The four stages of liberation
55. Perform all actions in dedication to God
56. Perform good deeds, with constant remembrance of God
57. Awake, arise, and attain the Highest
58. Dedicate yourself to the discovery of truth and ...
59. To reach God, be free from external and internal illusions
60. The harvest of the spiritual aspirant
61. The characteristics of the devotee and worldly person
62. Consider the name of the Lord as the breath of life
63. Watch out for your own faults and cultivate the truthful ...
64. Stick to the name and form of the Lord you adore
65. Help ever, hurt never
66. The Lord incarnates to promote goodness and universality
67. Follow the sages of yore in contemplation of Brahman
68. Seek solitude, meditate, and acquire one-pointedness
69. Uproot internal and external foes and uphold righteousness
70. Pray to God for His incarnation
71. With faith in human divinity, service to mankind becomes ...
72. Purify the mind by meditation and japa
73. Pray for the advent of divine personages!





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