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The Vahinis, by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(translated into English)

Sutra Vahini

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Front matter
Stream of aphorisms on Brahman
1. Thereafter, inquiry into Brahman
2. Brahma is the cosmic source, force, and support
3. Brahma is source of all knowledge
4. All vedantic axioms posit only Brahman
5. Consciousness, not matter is the primal cause of the cosmos
6. Supreme Self is the primal entity, not primoridial matter
7. Divine Will is the cause of all causes
8. Individual merges in the Universal Brahman
9. Omniscient Brahman, Cause of Cosmos
10. Divine "light" and divine "feet"
11. Brahman as cosmic breath or life
12. Brahman is the universal teaching





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 Sathya Sai

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