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The Vahinis, by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
(translated into English)

Jnana Vahini

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Front matter
01. Remove ignorance by incisive inquiry
02. Cognize the shining inner Atma as oneself
03. To realise the Atma, overcome four obstacles
04. Eliminate egotism and desire and gain liberation by conquest of the mind
05. Brahman is perceived when all traces of “intention” disappear
06. Train the mind to dwell ever on God
07. Instincts and impulses must be put down
08. The one who really knows God becomes God
09. The four types of spiritually wise people
10. The effects of the three qualities
11. Illusion hides the individual’s true blissful nature
12. Use the “Who am I” inquiry to cease the agitations
13. Remember constantly that You are not the body!
14. Develop non-attachment: Be in the world but not of it
15. Self-realization is the ultimate goal of life
16. Being-Awareness-Bliss describes the experience of Brahman
17. Atma is immanent nonchanging Unity beyond time and space
18. Highest spiritual wisdom is Brahman
19. Take up the chief path to acquire spiritual wisdom: devotion
20. Everyone can win spiritual wisdom, regardless of status, class, or sex
21. Wisdom consists of the feeling of oneness without distinctions
22. Caste depends more on qualities than on birth
23. Accept the rigours of spiritual discipline and follow the path of devotion
24. Serve selflessly, without attachment to the fruits thereof
25. The paths of devotion, wisdom, and non-attachment are inseparable
26. See life as a manifestation of the three qualities
27. Be spiritually wise: without ego, without desires, with equal love for all
28. The Lord’s eyes, ears, hands, and feet are everywhere
29. The world is the Lord’s three-act play
30. Make God your constant focus
31. Calm the mind by steady, continuous discipline
32. Worship the great souls who have won wisdom
33. Illusion makes Brahman appear as soul, God, and world
34. Destroy illusion by inquiry into the nature of Atma
35. Attaining enlightenment destroys ignorance as well as enlightenment!
36. Direct experience is obtained by continous reflection on truth
37. Atma is the Universal Cause and Seer
38. Attachment and affection are the result of delusion
39. The nature of Atma is Being-Awareness-Bliss
40. The realisation of “I am Brahman”
41. The sacred revelations allow a restricted identity of soul and Brahman
42. Realise your true Self by destroying all limitations
43. Four qualifications for inquiry into the Atma
44. Mastery of the scriptures is not enough
45. See the Atma by unraveling the five sheaths of the body
46. Approach the preceptor for help in grasping the Atma
47. The grace of the Lord makes everything else superfluous





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